Mailing List Guidelines
Supplying your mailing lists by file upload or email.

•  Upload them to: Mailing List Upload

•  Send emails to and please reference your job number in the subject line.

•  Please indicate the total number of pieces to be mailed so that we can verify the file(s).

The following guidelines help insure proper and timely mailing at the least expense.
Keep fields separate. Do not combine City, State and Zip fields. Be sure only the appropriate information is contained in each field. For example, if the record does not include a company name, leave that field blank. Additionally, do not combine street address and PO Box address in the same field and it is not necessary to include building names in your database. Please include column headings to indicate field names.
Protect the integrity of your data.

•  Do not put comments in your Name or Address fields. This is very important; otherwise those comments will appear on your labels or may result in that record not being mailable.

•  Do not use locations as opposed to addresses. A location would be Corner of First & Main, Gateway Shopping Plaza or the Forsyth Building. These are not mailable addresses and cannot be processed.

•  Do not include a # at the beginning of an address.
Incorrect: #406 E Maple Road vs. Correct: 406 E. Maple Road

•  Do not use hyphens, dashes or backslashes in addresses.

Unit numbers. It is very important to have a complete address including apartment, suite or unit numbers. Please proceed them with the word Apt, Suite, Unit, No. or # or, you can put the unit number in a separate field.
Directionals. Be sure to include directionals such as NW, Southeast, E. etc. You may spell them out or use official abbreviations. For a list go to: Street Abbreviations. Do not use unofficial abbreviations as this may cause our software to deem them unmailable.
Submit your mailing list in one file if possible. Multiple files imported into mailing software require more time and may incur extra charges. When you combine your lists into one file, make sure the formatting of the fields is consistent. If it is necessary to submit multiple files, keep the same fields consistent throughout all files.
Include a list of field names and lengths. This takes the guesswork out of preparing your labels. We’ll know exactly what information you want to include on your label; i.e., special codes, membership numbers, etc.
Keep fields within standard lengths.

•  Name, company and address fields 35 characters or less

•  City field 22 characters or less

•  State field 2 characters

•  Zip field 5 or 10 characters - our software will automatically add the +4 digits to the zip.

Save your files in Excel (.xls) format when possible. Other acceptable formats are comma-delimited (.csv), tab-delimited (.csv or .txt), database (.dbf), or text (.txt). You can find more information on formats at Mailing Services.
Mailing Services
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Mailing Regulations Templates
Design considerations. Remember to leave a minimum knockout (non-printing area) of 3.75” x 1.5” for ink-jet addressing. The standard area for this is .625” from the bottom and .25” from the right side of document (pdf templates below).
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