Getting your files to NML
Email attachment - total size 10 mb to 25 mb*
*see chart below for Email providers
Form Upload - jpg, tif, pdf, psd, eps, txt, csv, xls, cdr, pub Upload Files
Unlimited upload - 5 files at a time maximum 30 mgs per upload
(see below for detailed info)
FTP Upload - unlimited
(see below for detailed info)
(for ftp please call)
Tip: For all methods it's best to collect your project into one stuffit or zip file for faster transfer.
For a free FTP client available for both MAC and PC - browser search "FileZilla download"
FORM UPLOAD (for all files under 30 megabytes) You upload your files to our server using the upload form. The form itself can accommodate up to 5 files at a time. You can upload as many times as needed to complete your job.
1. The Login is simply your Name, Email address, Phone, (Company optional), after the first time this will be remembered and you will not have to enter them again. We require that you tell us what the files are for (Existing or New Job), and a Job Number or Name to identify it. There is an optional boxfor any additional info you may feel is necessary to process your job.
2. The Form -You are taken to the upload form after you submit your information. There are 5 fields, each with a Browse button. You press the Browse button, go to and select the file you need to send. You can send 1 or up to 5 at a time for as many files as you have to send us. There is a maximum size for each group of 1 - 5 files which is 30 megabytes (30,000,000 bytes). This means if the total is over 30 none of the files will be uploaded and you will receive an error. To avoid this reduce the total size by sending them individually or in smaller groups. If any one of your files is larger than 30 megs., and you can't compress it, you will have to use our FTP service instead.
Press to use the File Upload method
EMAILING YOUR FILES TO NML You can email us your files by sending them to Whereas we can accept any size attachment your email server may have size limits, below are some popular Free and Paid email services and their posted size limits as of January 1, 2010:
Bellsouth (AT&T) 25 MB
Comcast 15 MB
Gmail (Google) 25 MB
Hotmail (msn) 15 MB
Yahoo (Free) 10 MB
Yahoo (Paid) 25 MB
Note the above sizes represent the total of the email message and your attachment.
Example for AOL if your message is 3 KB and your attachment is 16 MB your total would be 16.3 MB and so you would be over the AOL limit and your email will be rejected by the AOL server.
ON DISK If you are delivering your files to NML, our address is:
1609 NW Boca Raton Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432

General office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.
If you need help deciding which to use give us a call. 800-327-5770
To late to call? Try the Form Upload first.

The following are accepted for output: (PC & MAC)
Document Programs
Adobe InDesign QuarkXpress
Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Publisher*
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Word*
Adobe Pagemaker** CorelDraw
High Resolution File Formats
PDF ( acrobat ) Tiff ( TIF )
JPEG ( jpg ) EPS
Creating Hi-Res PDFs in Quark & InDesign
*May incur typesetting charges
**Will be converted to QuarkXpress or InDesign.
Job supplied in other file formats will incur typesetting/ conversion charges.
Please make your document the Trim size
PLUS one-eighth inch bleed, where necessary.
Document type Trim Size Bleed
Single Page Flyer: 8.5" x 11" (8.75 x 11.25)
Single Page Tri-Fold: 8.5" x 11" (8.75 x 11.25)
4 Page Brochure (vertical): 11" x 17" (11.25 x 17.25)
4 Page Brochure (horizontal): 8.5" x 22" (8.75 x 22.25)
Rack Card: 9" x 4" (9.25 x 4.25)
Standard Postcard: 6" x 4.25" (6.25 x 4.5)
Jumbo Postcard: 8.5" x 5.5" (8.75 x 5.75)
Super Jumbo Postcard: 11.5" x 6" (11.75 x 6.25)
Business Card or Sticker : 3.5" x 2" (3.75 x 2.25)
Pocket Folder: 9" x 12" (see template)
For more digital file preparation information visit:
Design / Mailing Requirement Templates
Setting Up Your Digital File
Creating Hi-Res PDFs in Quark and InDesign
For Mailing List file preparation information visit:
Setting Up Your Mailing List.