CASS Certification of your
Mailing List
•  Postal Paperwork
•  Use of our Permit
•  Ink Jet Addressing
•  Delivery to our Postal Facility
•  Postage
Postage & Mailing Lists
Presort First Class (Automation Postage*) Presort Standard/Bulk Rate (Automation Postage*)
Standard Postcards
0.27¢ each.
Jumbo and Super Jumbo Postcards
0.41¢ each.
Standard Postcards
0.28¢ each.** 
Jumbo and Super Jumbo Postcards
0.27¢ each.** 
**200 pieces or more (not available on less than 200).
*Pieces must be designed to allow for bar coding. See postal regulations templates below for more information. Prices effective 04/17/2011.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be a 4% convenience fee on postage paid by credit card. (This fee only applies to postage.)
Postal Regulations Templates
USPS Regulations Template for Standard PostcardsStandard
6" x 4.25"
USPS Regulations Template for Jumbo PostcardsJumbo
8.5" x 5.5"
USPS Regulations Template for Super Jumbo PostcardsSuper Jumbo
11.375" x 6"
USPS Regulations Template for FlyerFlyer
8.5" x 11"
USPS Regulations Template for Brochure4-page
11" x 17"
Mailing List, FAQs and Tips
  If I have you mail my cards, what are my mailing options?
Presort First Class
The Postal Service delivers First Class mail within 2 to 5 business days and the mail will be forwarded or returned to sender if incorrectly addressed (to help keep your lists up-to-date).
Presort Standard
Presort Standard (bulk mail) is delivered within 7 to 15 business days and is not returned or forwarded if incorrectly addressed or if the recipient has moved. For this reason, we suggest adding “Or Current Resident” or “Or Current Occupant” to all Presort Standard Mailings so that it will be delivered to the address regardless of the name of the person or company occupying that address.
  What formats can I send my mailing lists in?
Mailing lists must be uploaded in one of the following formats:
• Excel (.xls)
• Tab or Comma Delimited Text (.txt)
• Database (.dbf)
• Comma Delimited (.csv)
Almost all database management programs such as Access, Excel, Act, Goldmine, etc. will allow    
you to export or save your data in one of these formats.
DO NOT upload in Label Format.
Not acceptable Label Format:
John Doe
123 Main St.
Anywhere, FL 12345
Addresses should read across as in the example below:
 Required Fields:  Optional Fields: 
 Company, Title or Current
 Unit Number
 Address 2
 Name     Address  City      State    Zip     
 John Doe  123 Main St.  Anywhere  FL  12345
If you would like to receive a postcard in the mail be sure to add your own name and address to the mailing list as we do not make changes to your mailing list once it has been received.
PLEASE NOTE: Our CASS Certification software will exclude addresses which the Post Office considers undeliverable.
Tips for creating a good database file:
  • DO keep each field separate. Don’t combine address,
    city, state, zip into one field.
  • DO be sure each field contains only the appropriate information (i.e. if a record does not include a company name, leave it blank. Do not use it for some other type of information)
  • DO include suite, apartment and unit numbers. Be sure to precede with Apt, Suite, Unit, No or # .
  • DO use column headings to indicate field name
  • DO include directions such a NW, Southeast, E, etc. You may spell them out or us official abbreviation (see chart).
  • DO NOT use unofficial abbreviations (see chart)
  • DO NOT use locations, such as Corner of First & Main or Gateway Shopping Plaza, instead of actual street addresses.
  • DO NOT use a # sign at the beginning of an address (Incorrect: #406 E Maple Rd. - Correct: 406 E Maple Road)
  • DO NOT combine street address and PO Box address in the same field
  • DO NOT use hyphens, dashes or backslashes in addresses
  • DO NOT include fields that we will not be using (phone numbers, notes,. Etc.)
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