Preparing Digital Files
Have you included the files for ALL IMAGES?
Unless you are sending us a high resolution PDF, please include all images and linked files used in the document.
Have you included ALL the FONTS used in the job?
Please include all fonts (screen and printer) used in the document and artwork.
Are all IMAGES saved in TIFF, JPEG or EPS format?
Images should be saved in TIFF or JPEG format. Images to be sent by Email should be saved as a High Res JPEG with medium compression. Line art images such as logos should be saved as EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator document), or as a High-Res TIFF.  PNG and GIF images are not acceptable.
Are your photos HIGH RESOLUTION?
All images should be supplied at a resolution of 300 DPI at the size they are to be printed. Images submitted at low resolutions, especially images taken from web sites, will not reproduce well.
Have you ENLARGED any IMAGES in the document?
Images enlarged more than 125% in the document will become grainy and/or blurry and will not produce a quality printed piece. Be sure to take your photos at a large enough size to accommodate the final size of the image you would like printed.
Is your DIGITAL CAMERA set on the highest setting?
Settings should be on the highest quality/size available (usually the largest number allowed or a superfine setting). It is better to have a photo that is too large than too small. Please check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer.
Are all images and colors converted to CMYK?
For a truer representation of the final product, please convert all images and colors used in your document to CMYK (from RGB). If you have a specific Pantone/PMS color, for your company logo for example, please let us know the Pantone or PMS number so that we can be sure of the accuracy of the color. Please be aware that the colors you see on your screen will not necessarily be the same as they are when printed.
Have you included BLEED on your document?
Be sure to set up your document the size of the actual printed piece. If the program allows for bleed, add 1/8" bleed on all sides. If it does not allow for bleed (Publisher and Word, for example) make your document 1/4" larger and keep all text, logos, etc. at least 1/4" from the edges. (See chart on the right.)
LINES should be at least .5 point in thickness.
Do not use Hairlines as they are too thin and will not print.
We prefer files be copied to one of our online sites either via FTP or Form Upload but we also accept Email. 
There are size restrictions to email attachments so large files must be uploaded through one of our sites or mailed to us on a CD/DVD. See the links on the right side and please contact us if you need assistance.
The following are accepted for output: (PC & MAC)
Document Programs
QuarkXpress Adobe InDesign
Microsoft Publisher* Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Word* Adobe Photoshop
CorelDraw Adobe Pagemaker**
High Resolution File Formats
PDF ( acrobat ) Tiff ( TIF )
JPEG ( jpg ) EPS
*May incur typesetting charges
**Will be converted to QuarkXpress or InDesign.
Job supplied in other file formats will incur typesetting/ conversion charges.
Please make your document the Trim size PLUS
one-eighth inch bleed, where necessary.
Document type Trim Size Bleed
Single Page Flyer: 8.5" x 11" (8.75 x 11.25)
4 Page Brochure: 11" x 17" (11.25 x 17.25)
Rack Card: 9" x 4" (9.25 x 4.25)
Standard Postcard: 6" x 4.25" (6.25 x 4.5)
Jumbo Postcard: 8.5" x 5.5" (8.75 x 5.75)
Super Jumbo Postcard: 11.375" x 6" (11.625 x 6.25)
Business Card or Sticker: 3.5" x 2" (3.75 x 2.25)
For more digital file preparation information visit:
Sending Us Your Digital Files.
For Mailing List file preparation information visit:
Setting Up Your Mailing List.