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Please send the Following to Universal Listing, Inc.
to Activate Your Order:
Your Copy Please type or print legibly on a separate sheet of paper.
10 Words or Less on the side with the Color Photo.
Standard 4 x 6: 100 Words or Less on the B&W Side of Postcard
Jumbo 5.5 x 8.5: 150 Words or Less on the B&W Side of Postcard
COLOR PHOTO A Color Print, Color Slide or a Transparency is Acceptable.
Do Not Send Negatives Please.
B & W PHOTO Your Black & White Photo may be included free of charge on the Black & White side of the postcard. Only one black & white photo is included in the price, additional Black & White Photos are
$10.00 each
LOGO Please include the Largest and Best available copy of your logo for scanning purposes. One Scan is included in price, additional scans are $5.00 each.
STAMP A Xerox copy of your bulk mail stamp or first class postage permit if desired.
LAYOUT A rough sketch of the layout you desire OR allow our typesetting department to create a layout for you.
DEPOSIT A check for 50% is required with all orders. We also accept Visa, Master Card, or American Express.
PROOFS: A Proof will be sent to you by FAX for your approval. Changes or additions which
were not submitted with the original order will incur additional charges - $15.00 minimum.
Our Proof Cover Sheet must be signed by you and Faxed back to our office. Approvals or Changes will NOT be accepted over the telephone. Even the Smallest change will require that
we send you another proof. Your postcard will not be printed until we receive a signed proof showing NO Changes.
DELIVERY: You may expect delivery of your cards approximately 2 weeks from the date we receive your signed and dated proof approval form showing no changes.