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Avoid Additional Costs and Time Delays!

Note: Before submitting your order...
Please follow the following instructions to avoid any additional costs and / or time delays with the printing of your order.

  We accept the following media formats (Mac or PC)
  1.44Mb Floppy, Zip 100, Zip 250, Jazz 2Gig, CDR, CDRW & DVD-R Disks.
  The following programs are now accepted for output:
  Adobe InDesign
CorelDraw Essentials
PDF (Acrobat) High Resolution*
  Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Freehand
JPEG High Resolution***
  Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Publisher*
Tiff High Resolution
  Adobe Pagemaker** QuarkXpress
EPS High Resolution
    *Will be converted to a high resolution Photoshop tiff format in order to print properly.
   **Will be converted to QuarkXpress or InDesign.
  ***Usually for E-mail
  We accept other file formats for output but conversion fees my apply.
  Is your document set to the finished size?
  Docs must be set to the size it is to be printed PLUS one-eighth inch bleed, where necessary.
  POSTCARDS: Standard are 4.25" x 6" / Jumbo are 5.5" x 8.5" / Super jumbo are 6" x 11.5"
  Flyers are 8.5" x 11" / Brochures are 11" x 17"
  Business cards are 3.5" x 2" / Rack cards are 4" x 9"
  Are all IMAGES saved in TIFF or EPS format?
  Scanned images should be saved as TIFF format. Line art images such as logos should be saved as EPS, AI (Illustrator document), Corel Draw or as a High-Res Tiff.
  Are all files converted to CMYK?
  Please convert RGB images to CMYK and submit a color proof printed from the CMYK file. Any RGB images that we convert to CMYK may or may not print as you expect them to. *Be aware that the colors you see on your screen will not be the same when printed.
  Is the RESOLUTION at least 300 DPI on all Color and Halftone Scans and
600 DPI on Line Work?
Images scanned lower than this will not print clearly.
  Have you included the files for ALL images?
  Please include a copy of your images for all linked files.
  Have you enlarged any scanned images in the layout document?
  Images should be originally scanned at 100% of the printed size or larger. If the image will be printed at twice the size then scans should be at least 600 DPI.
  Have you included the ORIGINAL PHOTOS?
  Whenever possible, please supply the original photos so that we can check the color prior to printing. If we think that they need color correcting we will contact you to see if you would like us to do it. There is an additional charge for color correcting.
  Have you given us ALL THE FONTS used in the job?
  Please include all fonts (screen and printer) used in the document AND in the artwork.
  Have you included a printed copy?
  We MUST HAVE A PRINTED COPY of your order to insure it is printed properly.
  Lines should be at least .5 point in thickness.
  We prefer files be copied to our FTP site but we also accept email:
  Please call for instructions.
  Any questions at all please call us: 800-325-8464